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Dehydrated Mexicans Dehydrated Mexicans

Rated 0 / 5 stars

You spelled "it's" wrong in the credits.

You spelled "it's" wrong in the credits. Your credits were also too long. This movie was self indulgent and retarded.

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Kurt-Reznor responds:

Just because you're an internet developer doesn't mean that you had to castrate your sense of humor. Get a fucking personality. And put some thought into your review. You must be a real adult because you called it "retarded". "Oh look at me, my name is Steev227, I'm a big important internet developer guy with no life and I can't draw and I get offended really easily. Please, someone shove a dildo up my ass before I break a fucking nail trying to grasp the concept of this movie, because it's waaay over my head!" If you spent a month making a movie, you're damn right you'd give yourself credit! Peace.

Cartoon Arena 2020 demo Cartoon Arena 2020 demo

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Excessive animation like this makes me want to puke. Yeah, you know HOW to animate well... now you need to learn WHEN to animate. When you finally get through the intro, that menu is such a bleghy thing. Bleargh. Make the game. Cut down on the dramatics. People like things kept simple.